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Talks and presentations I've done

Speaking Opportunities

I’m always looking for more opportunities to speak! Contect me garciacy at bycyril dot com if you’re interested. Please include these details:

  • Where and when the conference/event is
  • How long the time slot for te talk/panel is
  • What topic you would like me to cover (or if it's my choice)
  • A link to your code of conduct

My speaking topics include (but aren't limited to)

  • iOS Development
  • Programming Architecture
  • Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Personal/Career development

Previous/Upcoming Presentations

Let's Create an iOS App to Manage Your Blog Using the Contentful API

Contentful Dev Show December 2020

In this episode of the Contentful Dev Show, my special guest Cyril Garcia, an iOS engineer with over 7 years of experience, will demonstrate how to develop an iOS app for bloggers, where the author can publish articles from the app using the Contentful API. You will learn the basics of iOS Development, communication between the client and Contentful API, and automated tagging using machine learning.


A Conversation about iOS Development

Headless { Creator Podcast } October 2020

Had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on a podcast episode to talk about iOS Development


Machine Learning for iOS

Silicon Valley Code Camp September 2019

A gentle introduction to machine learning for iOS Developers using Apple's CoreML and TuriCreate libraries